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Howdy, were selling all but a very select few items from 6/7 HC and a few items from Rag HC
some prices for
HC Ragnaros:
(100k for firelord) +
Ragnaros Heroic Tier Token: 30k
Ragnaros Heroic Weapons: 50k
Ragnaros Heroic Trinkets: 50k
Ragnaros helm/shoulder/gloves/waist: 25k
Some items aren't for sale as they are still needed

HC: Shannox, Beth, Ryo, Alys, Baleroc and Domo:
(5k fee for simply being on the boss, just incase nothing drops)

Heroic Tier: 25k
Heroic Weapons: 25k
Heroic Trinkets: 30k
Heroic Random stuff: 20k
All kills will be on a Wednesday
If the price is right we can also sell titles from t11.

Simply make a thread in this part of the forum and we'll get back to you.
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